The Taxon or Synonym identifies which kind of animal was studied. In some instances, this is simply identified by a species name (i.e. a Latin binomial). In other cases, more information is provided which can be used to match the taxon more precisely (e.g. to subspecies level).

The procedure of matching names in Sources to valid species names is complicated because taxonomy itself is not stable, so the species name in the Source might be different from any in current taxonomies.

Enter the Genus, Species, Subspecies and Authority exactly as they appear in the Source. If Latin names are not provided then enter the common name instead.

Data are matched to a Subject in the Synonomy table. There are tens of thousands of records in the Synonomy table, and each is matched with a valid name in two editions of Mammal Species of the World.

If no match is found, you will be prompted to add your species as a new taxon. This will be assigned to a valid species at a later date.

Data Entry Stages