Measurement Type Information

Biological data about mammals are referred to as Measurements. There are currently 25 Measurement Types in YouTHERIA, which can be grouped into five logical categories:

Body Mass, Limb Length and Head-Body Length.

Gestation Length, Litter size, Teat Number, Litters Per Year and Interbirth Interval

Life Cycle
Age at Eye Opening, Weaning Age, Sexual Maturity Age, Dispersal Age, Age at First Birth, Average Lifespan, Maximum Longevity, Growth Data, Mortality Data, Activity Cycle and Migratory Behaviour.

Diet, Ranging Behaviour, Population Density, Group Composition & Size and Habitat Layer.

Metabolic Rate

Each Measurement Type consists of a Data Value (the primary quantity of interest) and several associated data fields (known as value types). Most value types are specific to one or a few Measurement Types and are described in the Measurement Type pages (click on the links in the right-hand panel). Other Value Types (e.g. age and sex) are generic: these are described here.