Limb length

Data should only be recorded for adult animals and, in addition, miners need to specify which ‘Limb Section’ is being used from the following list:

Limb Section

• foot (not specified - but this is hind foot)
• shin
• femur
• foot + shin
• foot + shin + femur
• shin + femur
• hand
• forearm
• humerus
• hand +forearm
• hand + forearm + humerus
• forearm + humerus

As an example, bat forearm length data should specify ‘forearm’ (elbow to wrist). This variable can be measured on live specimens, freshly dead specimens, museum specimens and even skeletons. Values that are reported only because they are unusual should be ignored.

Generic value types: Data Value, Data Range, Measure, Sample Size, Captivity Status, Sex, Weanling Definintion, Units, Source Type and Life Stage.