Head-body length

The miner should enter the total length from tip of nose to anus or base of tail (
i.e. tail length is excluded). Sometimes sources will report total length and tail length; head-body length is then the difference between these two numbers (NB this works when there are two means, but not if you just have ranges).

For whales and seals, use total length (the tail length is typically not listed separately). This variable can be measured from live specimens, freshly dead specimens, museum specimens and even skeletons. Values that are reported only because they are unusual should not be entered. As for Body Mass (above), clarification of Weanling Definition is required when the ‘weanling’ is chosen as the life stage.

Generic value types: Data Value, Data Range, Measure, Sample Size, Captivity Status, Sex, Weanling Definition, Units, Source Type and Life Stage.