Habitat layer

There are four categories of habitat use:
  • Fossorial
  • Ground Dwelling
  • Arboreal
  • Aquatic

For each category, enter a number to indicate relative habitat use. There are three options, in decreasing order of preference:

Percentage — the percentage time spent in each habitat layer. Values must not exceed 100 across the four categories, but can be less than 100.
Ranked — number habitat layers reflecting the ranked importance of each category, 1 (most) to 4 (least). Several categories can have the same number if they contribute equally. Where ranks are used and two or more categories are given equal rank, number the ranks (including the tied ranks) sequentially - ie, (1,1,2,2) rather than (1,1,4,4).
Qualitative — enter a ‘1’ for each category listed in the source.

NB In all cases, ‘0’ should
only be used to indicate the definite absence of a habitat layer from that species' ecology.

Generic value types: Source Type, Sample Size, Captivity Size and Sex.