Group composition and size

Enter as much information as is available about group composition and size here. It is vital that the group type is specified or the information becomes meaningless.

Group Type
This field allows you to choose from the following: • Unspecified
• Population Group
• Social Group
• Feeding Group
• Hunting Group
• Parental Care Group
• Mating Group
• N/A

Units Group Composition

This field records whether a group size entered in the Group Size field is the total number of individuals in a group, the number of adults or whether this information is not given in the source.

If ‘Mating Group’ is selected in the Group Type field. The following information can be recorded:

Mating Group Type
Choose one of:
• Unspecified
• Polygnous — one male breeds with more than one female but each female breeds with only one male.
• Monogamous — each male and female breeds with only one individual.
• Promiscuous — both male and female breed with more than one individual.
• Polyandrous — one female breeds with more than one male but each male only breeds with one female.
In addition in a Mating Group the miner can record the number of sexually active males, the number of sexually active females as well as the total number of males and the total number of females. If all the males and females in a group are sexually active, these numbers will be equivalent.

Generic value types: Data Vaule, Data Range, Measure, Sample Size, Captivity Status, Sex, Study Start Date, Source Type, Ecological Study Type, Duration Value and Duration Units.