Activity Cycle

For this measurement type, you should choose one of the following value types that describes the activity of your taxa from the drop down lists:

Activity Pattern:

  • Nocturnal/Crepuscular — active at night and around sunrise/sunset.
  • Nocturnal — mostly active at night only.
  • Diurnal/Crepuscular — active during day and around sunrise & sunset.
  • Diurnal — mostly active during daylight hours.
  • Crepuscular — mostly active around sunrise and sunset only.
  • Cathemeral — no easily definable pattern of daily activity across the 24-hour period. E.g. active both day and night
  • Ultradian - Activity rhythm is in cycles shorter than 24hrs. E.g. bursts of 2 hrs sleep 2 hrs wake, independent of time of day.

Study Season
  • Time of year the activity time was recorded. Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter, All year

Estimation Method
  • Unspecified
  • Trapping — capture of live animals.
  • Radio telemetry — tracking movements of animals fitted with radio transmitting device. This category also covers GPS tracking methods.
  • Direct observations — direct recordings of individual animals by field observers.

Please note that if a reference states different activity patterns in different seasons this should be two separate entries. Also winter basking does not count as a different activity pattern to the summer pattern unless activities such as feeding, grooming etc take place.

Generic value types: Captivity Status, Sex, Source type and Data value