YouTHERIA is an interactive web portal containing data on the life-history, ecology and geography of all mammals (THERIA).

The web portal uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide a robust and flexible data model allowing data exchange over the web. Presently, the database contains 25 traits (measurement types), including activity cycle, body mass and gestation length, and provides links from all known species names to those currently recognized in two separate editions of Mammal Species of the World.

YouTHERIA builds on the data generated by the Mammal Superteam, an international collaboration lasting eight years that produced numerous publications in evolutionary and conservation biology. The
YouTHERIA team are expanding the existing data coverage and are georeferencing these data in a new spatial database. Current research activities are focused on explaining variation in abundance and energy use among populations, species and across space.

In future, the entire database will be searchable by taxon, data type or by geographic location. For now, species summaries for selected traits are avaliable (see publications tab) and raw data collected by the Mammal Superteam is freely available to download after registering with this site.

Register to learn more about the database. Potential collaborators wishing to access the complete database should contact Nick Isaac or Kate Jones at YouTHERIA@gmail.com.



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